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In festive mood! From the left: Kenta, Tristian, Britt, Tim, Martin, Scott and Sue.

Designed and developed in Australia, Wastelink’s position as a world-leading liquid waste management system is the achievement of many years' close consultation with the liquid waste industry - and a continuing investment in a vigorous research and development program.

Headed by Development Team Leader Tristian Barrett, Wastelink’s technical development is supported by a team of experienced developers.

'When a client rings us on any technical matter or question about the system's use, they talk directly to one of these experts. After all, who is better equipped to give advice or handle issues than the professional directly involved with its design?,'’ said Tristian.

'The other advantage of this direct dialogue is that our software programmers get immediate feedback from our users.'

'This puts us in the best position to quickly identify emerging issues and deal with them promptly. As well, we learn from users what new or enhanced features will make Wastelink solutions even more relevant and effective.'

Tristian said that this reflected Wastelink's strategy of performing user scenarios which guide us in developing the system that matches the best practice work process.

'This is far better than using a billing or rates system with a cobbled-together trade waste bit stuck on the side!'

'Our approach puts a big priority on keeping very close to our users and the realities of their working environment. It’s why we always welcome suggestions and feedback from industry people,' said Tristian Barrett.

'We are entering 2009 with an even greater R & D commitment to support and enhance the Wastelink system, so this dialogue is more important for us than ever!'

'Shortly we’ll announce other new development and reporting tools to offer even more performance benefits,' he added.

Seasons Greetings!

The Wastelink team (above) wish you a safe, enjoyable and relaxing holiday break!

And may 2009 be a great year for you and your family.

Our office will be closed from Wednesday 24th December until Monday 5th January, 2009.

During that time, ring for emergency support on (02) 9247 2800 and your call will be diverted to one of our Wastelink experts!