MARCH 2008

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WASTELINK Launches On-Site Consulting Services

Speaking to the AWA Trade Waste Interest Group, Wastelink MD Martin Connolly described backflow issues as a major concern for water utilities, particularly in regard to their vulnerability to claims of legal liability.

Wastelink has just announced that it can now offer clients a complete consulting service available on-site.

Said Sue Hood, Project Manager, Wastelink is an established expert in systems for the liquid trade waste industry and it was obvious that we should broaden our offerings to include assistance to local water utilities (LWU’s) with their trade waste approvals, monitoring and charging.

'We have been providing some of these services on an ad-hoc basis for a few years now, but after receiving so many requests from LWU’s, we saw it as a natural progression to package up and offer these additional services.'

Designed for all Water Utility operations (whether or not current clients or users of Wastelink products), LWU’s can benefit from the consultancy services:

'To deliver a consistent, top quality consultancy service, we’ve created a team of well known and respected industry specialists as Wastelink consultants', said Sue Hood.

Discuss your requirements with Sue on (02) 9247 2800.

Backflow Problems? Here’s the Solution!

Martin Connolly unveiled Wastelink’s new Backflow Prevention software to the AWA Trade Waste Interest Group in Queensland.

The new product, he said, responded to Water Utilities’ concerns about the growing litigation risks.

Already well-advanced in development, the product will be ready for installation soon.

Utilities can run the Backflow Modules independently of the Wastelink Utilities Modules – or, alternatively, they can fully integrate these functions.

The system offers an effective method for recording the device performance, managing its maintenance and providing notification information for compliance.

The web interface allows users (such as plumbers) to log on with a secure password and update the details straight after installation. This will save time and any lag in procedures.

To find out more about the product, including how it can integrate into your existing Utilities Modules, please contact Martin on (02) 9247 2800.

Backflow Software Offers New, Powerful Capabilities

Wastelink’s Backflow Software means that each device has its own individual record, and is recorded against a property. You can nominate a potential hazard rating for each device to allow you to take appropriate action. As a utility you will probably be most interested in the boundary or containment devices, but you can record details for zone devices as well if you prefer.

Test results and a full contact history can be recorded against the property or against the device only. As with Wastelink Utilities and Transporters modules, images can be stored against each record to help with identification and compliance.

The summary screen (right) gives you a clear snapshot of devices that are in need of a reminder notice. You can choose to view the records, or simply create the notices for all or a set of customers from this screen at the click of a button. When test results are entered, if the test is successful, the system automatically resets the next year’s schedulked test date. If a test is failed, the device will continue to come up on exception reports so you can take further action.



23rd and 24th July Wastelink will be hosting a stand at the AWA Trade Waste National Specialist Network Conference and Trade Show at the Crown Plaza, Melbourne. Come and see us there to collect your free gift.


Alex Cappai has joined the Wastelink team as a Business Administration Trainee, responsible for our day-to-day office administration. She completed her HSC last year and is studying for her Business Admin. Certif III.

Welcome aboard, Alex!


As mentioned on page 1 of this newsletter, Wastelink is currently developing its new Backflow Prevention software.

If you would like to register your interest in this product, let us know and we will keep you advised of developments!