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Gold Coast Water Implements Wastelink

Gold Coast Water’s Michael Burrie, Acting Team Leader - Waste Water Source Control

Gold Coast Water and its local waste transporters are set to gain much greater efficiencies through a move from the Wastesafe docket system to the fully electronic Wastelink system which manages prescribed pump-outs and reports on the safe disposal of the waste at the receival station.

GCW had been looking for better waste management - and a way to ease the administrative burden on the transporters of managing the dockets.

Their solution was to move from paper to Waste-link’s fully electronic system.

As well, there was the bonus of the system’s additional features to improve their compliance levels.

Because Wastelink monitors all types of liquid waste, GCW will be able to monitor all their discharger’s wastes and report to the QEPA on their movements.

The system covers grease trap waste, oily wastes, septic, sullage, waste water and chemical toilet waste (CTW).

GCW runs a hosted system which allows them to easily manage their data without tying up their IT department in maintaining the system doing updates or backups. A small piece of software on their local PC gives them access to their data.

Over coming months the GCW team will visit all their dischargers to bar-code the pre-treatment devices so the transporters can electronically identify the pit during their prescribed collection.

GCW and Wastelink have made a special offer to the waste transporters whereby their hand-held barcode scanners are included as part of the Wastelink for Transporters software modules package.

Already, two local waste transporters have taken up the offer and will shortly be going through their implementation process.

Wastelink Facilities: Better Protection for Your Plant!

When you know exactly what is being discharged into your Receival Station or STP you are better able to protect assets - and to levy the right charges.

This is possible with Wastelink Facilities - the Australian product that works standalone or fully integrated with Wastelink Transporters and Utilities.

The Transaction Manager device at your receival station collects data from the driver on arrival either manually, or electronically if the driver uses a scanner. This data identifies the waste type, volume and originator (discharger).

As required, you can install holding tanks, flow meters, load cells, weighbridge connections, etc and the Wastelink Utilities’ accurate information helps you protect the plant.

Your New Web Forum Is Now On-Line!

Trade waste officers say that, apart from conferences, they rarely get the chance to ask questions and share experiences with their peers.

That was the feedback from a recent wide-ranging survey by Wastelink.

Many day-to-day issues facing trade waste officers very often also confront colleagues at other locations around the country - and they would welcome a way to quickly identify and share solutions and advice.

This prompted Wastelink to launch a web forum so that you and others can exchange ideas, post questions and provide answers.

Log on to forum.wastelink.com.au and register for your User ID and Password. Now you are part of the trade waste dialogue!



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Question of the Month

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We don’t use Wastelink and I’m concerned about the tankered waste being discharged into the head of our treatment plant. We have no real controls over what is being discharged and don’t know where it comes from.

How can we get better control and protect the plant from being knocked out or having to deal with waste that might cause it to exceed its discharge limits?


Wastelink Facilities is your answer! While it can be fully integrated with Waste-link Transporters and Utilities modules, it works just as well as a stand-alone solution.

It gives full information on waste discharge types and helps protect your assets.

For a Wastelink Facilities brochure or information, contact Martin Connolly at mconnolly@wastelink.com.au or call 02 9247 2800.